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Marvelous Moldings is a Long Island company, located in Suffolk County, NY.  ( 631 ) 474-5580.  We are fully Licensed and Insured specifically for moldings work and serve both Suffolk and Nassau counties.   Marvelous Moldings has over seventeen years experience in interior design and installation of mouldings and millwork. 
Marvelous Moldings prides itself on its unique designs tailored to your specific tastes and your home's specific needs. 

Damaged, baron & boring walls, ceilings and corners, can be perfect canvases for many treatments big and small, simple, and complex such as  built-in entertainment centers, libraries, chair-rail, raised or recessed panel wainscoting or shadow boxing.   If you want to add  charm, character and warmth to your home, then give us a call and let's discuss what can be done. 

Marvelous Moldings does not use sub-contractors !! The owner is always  on every project ... that's because he is the one that is actually doing the work.  From concept to completion, he's there every step of the way, infusing his Artisan touch and craftmanship into every aspect of  your project.   Marvelous Moldings prides itself on its reputation for originality, professionalism, quality, timely project completion, integrity, creativity, dependability and customer service. When you hire Marvelous Moldings, you end up with ... and you guessed it, Marvelous Mouldings.  What also sets Marvelous Moldings apart from other companies that will pretend to be molding experts, is that we are not a General Contractor or jack of all trades. AND  WE DO NOT SUB YOUR WORK OUT TO ANYONE ELSE - SO YOU WON'T HAVE A CREW OF COMPLETE  STRANGERS RUNNING THROUGH YOUR HOME. We only do molding designs and installations and because of that, your project is always given Top Priority; and, because your project is always top priority, it will never take a Back-Seat to a General Contractor's Dormer extension, Basement or Garage conversion, window, door, or flooring job .    

Following is a list of some of the mouldings, trim and finish work that we do:

*  Crown molding : perhaps a crown moulding treatment with a drop-down band for a Frieze look in the Dining room, Foyer , Living room or Den. 
*  Chair-rail : install a thick profile Estate style Chair-rail and accent it below and/or above with a raised or recessed Wainscot panel treatment. 
*  Custom built entertainment centers can dramatically change any room in your home and easily accommodate large flat-panel LED & LCD TVs
*  Coffered ceilings: Why stop with crown, door , wall or base molding, casing or trim ?  Add flare and character to that ceiling with a period panel look.
*  Libraries : need a space - saver and organizer that has plenty of shelving, storage and looks fantastic. Let us design , build and install one for you. 
*  Window & Door casings : get rid of the builders skimpy stock trim and add some wow-factor with new casings, trim, moldings and millwork.
*  Stacked treatments : ever thought about putting more than one piece of casing, trim or molding on those doors, windows, openings or ceilings ?
*  Entablatures : these are beautiful applications for entrances, doors, openings and windows and usually combine an architrave, frieze and cornice.
*  Columns : these can be round, square, rectangular or other custom configuration and can stand  alone or be incorporated into a custom built-in.
*  Pilasters : makes a really nice accent piece for any entry, door, corner, opening, wall unit, entertainment unit, built-in, wall or room in your home.
*  Plinthing : decorate your doors, openings and conjunction points with accent plinths. 
* Ceiling patterns : the Vanderbilts and the Carnegies are not the only ones that can have coffered or paneled ceilings - you can too.

Call our office direct @ ( 631 ) 474-5580, my cell number @ ( 631 ) 704-7916 or visit our Contact Us page and let's see what we can do for you.
Moldings is what we do.
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